others is lots of fun, but nudity at home with the family is also very important

to me.
The process of becoming a
Fkk isn’t whole. There will be more I learn and integrate into my life.
I look forward to visiting different clubs and resorts and meeting other
nudists. But one thing is clear: nudism is very much a part of my life. A friend
recently remarked about my status as a newcomer naturist and I gently corrected
him: “Not a novice, only a nudist. Once you’re there, you understand it, deep inside
the fibre of your unclothed body.”
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Some folks, obviously,
Believe that nature is overly sentimentalized, the state of nature in which
the Noble Savage once lived in harmony with himself and his surroundings is merely
a myth engendered in the heads of relatively rich individuals by the discouragements
of our urban culture, that it is not now and never was quite so great as it
is made out to be.
Possibly. It may be a myth.
But none of us live without our myths. Like art, myth is one of the ways we
explain us to ourselves. There’s beauty, and truth, as well as pathos in our
Why be naked in nature? It
is, after all, not always convenient or comfortable. Occasionally the atmosphere is too
Chilly, the sun too hot, the brambles too unforgiving of naked skin, the insects
too athirst for our blood.
But still… our skin is
our largest sense organ. Wearing clothes when we do not want them is like wearing
a blindfold over our eyes or earplugs in our ears. We miss so much – the heat
of sunlight, the coolness of fog or a waterfall’s mist, the caress of the
Winds, mud between our toes, a summer rain runneling down our flanks.
Everything has a price;
life is full of trade-offs. Like a street vendor in a middle-eastern bazaar,
nature is always offering us unbelievable buys. If we don’t want his fine,
Handmade pottery today, maybe some uncommon, imported silks… Because he understands
we are uniquely able to recognize the quality of his products, he will let us have
our choice for an outrageously low price.
What will we pick, if
the only price nature inquires today is to give up our clothing for a number of hours or a
day? A taste of freedom? An ample bouquet of awesome senses? A sense of
connectedness and belongingness to the natural world?
Yes, and what if we could
Manage at times to splurge, to be without our clothing for entire days all
Jointly, even at the price of occasional distress? What then?
For two years our buddies assured to take us to a
Fkk park, but it never happened. Finally late in 1996, my wife Peggy, and I
decided to make it to a park in 1997 on our own. Not understanding where to go
resulted in a letter to the AANR, which place us in contact with SunFun and got a
copy of the North American Guide.
On a May holiday excursion to
Florida, we took the plunge into our first social bare experience. Close
Pensacola, we seen the Riviera Naturist Resort. It is a little area managed
by a retired http://shockintown.com/post/nudists-conserve-energy/ . The wife , dressed in a tee shirt that hung to to her
knees, checked us in, then told us to drive the bike to the rear of the
volleyball court where her husband was working. He will tell us w here to pitch
our tent. On the way back we saw a naked man mowing his lawn, this was a minor
shock, but upon encountering the park manager painting a fence in the buff all
seamed ordinary. As we set up our tent, we lost our clothes piece by piece,
Largely because of the heat of the day. By the time the camp was set up, we were
As we headed to the pool,
I asked Peg if she felt funny? She answered “no”, My reply was “me neither”.
Since then we’ve been loving the sun and fun of nudism at every opportunity we
Wife’s Perspective:
John and I have been together for 33
years, so our feelings about things run fairly close, but I feel my first time
was on a canoe trip in the Adirondaks. Our tent was set up on an isle in a
Distant lake. John was getting the rest of our site settled, so I determined to get
Comfy. I don’t understand what came over me but I took off all my clothing and
walked down to the plage where John was working. John was very surprised for
this was totally out of form for me. But, in doing this it led to four days
of communing with nature. I am not a prude, but I ‘d have never considered
running around without clothes outside but it felt so good having sun and fresh
Atmosphere on components that never felt it before. It took a few backpacking excursions
with our friends to get use to skinnydipping in mixed company, but it got a
little easier each time. Since these excursions, we’ve sunbathed nude in our back
yard, but our first nature resort finally occurred on our bike trip to
Florida this past may
We drove through the gates
of Riviera and into a fresh phase in our lives. One thing I learned from friends
at our first resort, was do not forget your sunscreen or hat!
BARE-buns campus runs at
midnight. Fraternity initiations. Great old-fashioned streaking.